One thing that most drivers do not realize is that no matter what, you have the right to choose where their car gets repaired. Your insurance company may tell you that a shop is out of their network, but that doesn’t exist in collision repair the same way it does in a health insurance situation. Insurance companies have direct repair partners that they would prefer that you use, which we’ll explain below. No matter what, the choice of repair facility is always in the customer’s hands, and that is protected by law.

Part of the reason why the automobile industry had significant changes over the years is due to the advancements in the ways cars are built. You used to be able to drop your vehicle off at the shop, trusting that the technician would use the right tools and equipment to repair your car. However, this is no longer the way vehicles are repaired. Each car comes with unique repair procedures laid out by your car’s manufacturer, known as OEM repairs.

It’s important to note that not all body shops are created equally. Some auto body shops do not have the necessary tools and equipment capable of performing these types of repairs. Technicians need to have extensive training paid for by the body shop owner, so they know how to perform your repair correctly. The training is not a requirement, which is why most technicians will often get right to work on a repair “out of experience” rather than looking up what the manufacturers instruct. These technicians think because they repaired a thousand bumpers on a Honda Civic, this bumper repair on your Honda Civic won’t be any different.

Several auto body repair shops, specifically those that are part of a chain, are known as “direct-repair facilities,” or DRP for short. This means they have a contractual agreement with Insurance companies to perform fast repairs at a specified budget and deadline. These deadlines are usually impossible to meet, causing the technicians to cut corners in the repair process to save time.

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