classic car insurance is simply a type of insurance you can buy if you own a vehicle that is considered to be a classic car or an antique car. The difference between a classic car and an antique car is that classic cars are typically a minimum of 15 years old, while antique cars are older than 25 years.

Some classic car insurance providers and their policies are stricter than others; their coverage and premiums may vary too. It helps to get quotes from multiple providers to understand how it works with different companies.

Some of the rules and restrictions for classic car insurance are:

1) Usage limitation
The classic car cannot be the main vehicle that you drive every day. The car can be insured only if the usage is pleasure or leisure. This means you could take it for a spin to the club, meetings, events, shows, and car parades. You can also take your classic car for maintenance and repair. Some providers specify the number of miles you can drive. You should have a separate insured vehicle that you take out as a daily driver.

2) Other restrictions
There is also a no-go for that drive to work, schools or colleges, shopping or to run errands. What insurance companies are looking for is the least amount of usage for your vehicle to minimize any accidents and claims. This is due to the fact that classic car insurance has the lowest insurance premiums. While some providers also have restrictions on whether it can go out of North America, others stipulate that the car remains in your garage under lock and key.

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